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We all came from somewhere else…

… so August has been an experiment of sorts. To see if I can do at least one blog post a day for a month. Some have been more personal, some general…. all in all, I think it was a success. I will continue, but I think -with commitments and all- it may not be every day. I have many topics I want to explore on here. More on cosplay, fandom, being a geek, and heavier issues such as some politics and stuff.

But I am actively looking for work, and in grad school. Those things take precedence. I may expand on the following bit, but this is something that I was reflecting on yesterday and almost wrote yesterday’s post on, but my brain went all tired on me last night.

At an event I attended/volunteered at Sunday, one of the speakers talked about how libraries are for all people, even those who are here and wanting citizenship. Where else can they go and get information on how to become citizens for free but the library? Then she said something that stuck with me and is something that has always resonated in me whenever some other “white folk” (yes, I’m about as white as they come, with Mayflower heritage to boot): We are ALL immigrants, except the Native Americans. Just because we personally may not have been the ones to travel here and seek citizenship, we are immigrants. We come from somewhere else. As I mentioned, I have ancestors who arrived on the Mayflower. I also have great-grandparents who crossed the Atlantic to try for a better life. Some are first generation born, some are like me who have ancestors who fought in wars right out of our history books. But we all came from somewhere else.

This country, the U.S.A., is a melting pot. Always has been, always will be. NO matter our skin color, no matter the methods our ancestors arrived on this soil, we are all from elsewhere and we need to understand and respect those who want the same chance our ancestors did. A better life.

We need to learn to respect our history and understand it as we move forward. Whether it’s a personal history or that of our country. I think we need to improve what we have here. When so many other countries are making vast improvements for their citizens, we remain stagnant. ALL citizens, not just the top 5% or so. Education is lagging, infrastructure is crumbling beneath our feet, and we have so many people left in the dust with numbers growing daily.

There is an epidemic in this country, an epidemic of hate and apathy, an epidemic of intolerance and greed. This needs to change. Now. Not ten years from now, not “someday” but now. Truly.

One observation from that event, which was a grad school graduation ceremony, is that most of the graduating class was white, same as my class. Why don’t we have more POC? All colors. We need more diversity, to truly represent this nation.

I may expand on this further…. or not. We shall see.




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