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Treasures Galore! (diving into storage)

I said in a previous post that I’ve been cosplaying for over 20 years now. Most of my costumes are in storage. I’ve needed to sort through the things over there because some of it is in garbage bags (lack of funds for bins at the time). The mysteries in the bags are anything from fabric to normal clothes, to costume bits or whole outfits. My goal in storage is to get all the costumes “bagged and tagged” onto garment racks in bags. Then have some tags I bought identifying what’s in each bag so I’m not having to search. Eventually, the shoes and accessories will be in small bins on the rack underneath the costumes.

So I started in on this adventure today. After much delay. I created three new bins of fabric, reclaimed some old favorite clothes (my gigantic red penguin bathrobe!!) and am now able to wheel both garment racks back in. Until today, the shorter one had to remain empty and just get shoved in on its side.

I took a few pics of old costumes as well. The battery on my phone petered out, so I couldn’t get everything today. I will, though. I brought some things back that need washing and then some will go back to storage and some will stay here.

I’m one tired penguin… but back out to hang out with a friend. I should probably shower first…. whew!




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