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Geeking Out! #MarvelCollector’sCorp and #trek #rccc #opaka

So I signed up for Marvel’s Collectors Corp. I got the first box (which, due to a lack of tchochki shelving space, is still all sitting in the box under my coffee table), love everything in it, but due to timing of funds, I missed out on the Ant-Man box.

Today, I received the Secret Wars box. DUDE! I’m such a Marvel dork. The shirt is awesome, the … ahem…. “toys” are awesome. The pin and patch… the comic…. I mean, if you’ve gotten the CC boxes, you know roughly what’s going to be in them, with the exception of the details of what they are. Unlike a certain more general-geek monthly box where God knows, anything can show up. I had to pick between the two boxes for the time being. I’ll go back to the other one eventually, once I have stable decent work.

In other geekdom (read: Kai Opaka/Trek) news: I peeled the negative casting from the positive and the positive broke (right at the bridge), but I think I salvaged it and it’s drying in it’s new bed of plaster now. It makes designing more of a challenge, but once it’s all set, I think I can still manage. Now the hard part, other than making my prosthetics, is affording the fabric for the Kai. If people wish to donate to the cause, I think I found a website where I can get most everything super cheap…. but it’s a matter of time and cost… I’ll need at least four yards for the robe… then there’s the tapestry fabric…. that one I’m not sure of.

Okay…. I’m gonna go price my fabric out. If I can find that site again.


May the dorkness be with you all… PPBBBBTTTT!!!!




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