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Short and Boring (or just boring)

No, I’m not talking about myself… I’m referring to this post. I’ve spent a hellish day today. My brain is deep-fried and crispy. I finished the last -and biggest- project for class for the summer term. Ugly. Just ugly. So this is how my day today went:

I’ve been battling one of my “ugly” headaches most of the week. These can last anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks. I’m not kidding. They’re debilitating. It finally subsided, for the most part, yesterday. I got down to business on this project. Got up this morning to continue working on it. When I opened up this computer, I got the notification that my upgrade for Windows 10 was ready for me. Yay, right? Not today, you bastard. It told me I could schedule it, so I did. For tomorrow. I can’t tie up the computer (although tempting, but not that kind of tying) for any unreasonable length of time today. I have a project needing to be finished off and it’s a doozy.

Then, after I finished the short answers and table, I took a break. I got paid yesterday and even though most of my paycheck got eaten up by overage fees, I still had a little left. I got my Hulu and Netflix back up (gonna need those this week) and figured I had a little left over. Now, I haven’t had the chance to renew my food stamps (yes, I’m on them, shut your elitist mouth), so my fridge is really bare. I’m out of cheese (good snack for weight loss… as opposed to things like cookies) and want to grab a couple other things. I had to renew a prescription, so I walked over to my grocery store. Yes, I got dressed and went…. -outside- ….. *gasp!*

Filled the scrip and picked up those few things. card denied. Took one thing out, still denied. Took another out, still denied. Apparently, when I got home and logged into my bank website, my host server for my websites  discovered I had JUST enough money for them to take for the month. Fuck. Them. I have about $2.50 left to my name. No cheese, no corn oil (to bake something I can snack on, dammit), no salad.

I sat back down and started back to my paper/project. Then my computer decided it REALLY wanted to do the fucking upgrade TODAY and put me out of commission for about an hour. When your school is two time zones ahead of you, every hour of your last day to do your assignment counts. But I was stuck. Cursing at every deity imaginable. Sorry about that.

Finally got back up and running and my headache returns, but in a slightly milder form. Still not funny.

Still pissed off. Don’t have any chocolate. No cheese either. At least I got my assignment turned in, right? Ugh.

One week off and then Fall term starts. Halfway through the program. I think I’ve survived so far. Barely, but I think I have.

I’m going to bed…. see you Sunday.



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