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I think I need another human around… (cats!)

Seriously…. I need another human in my life. Preferably someone I can handle living with (that’s the hard part) and can put up with me (likely just as difficult).

Why? I’ve mentioned this before. With two clingy cats who vie for my attention, and one does all the beating up (she’s bonded with me), and the other who wants to be within a few feet of me constantly. Sometimes, at night, she’s on the bed, or she’s snoring under the bed (Yes, Portia snores, and yes, I can hear her under the bed, with the window open and the noise machine on).

JoJo has lived with me since she was 11 months old. I adopted her two states and four apartments ago. She’s 13 years old now. If (and I believe there is) having a feline soulmate is possible, she’s mine. She clearly chose me. I was in the rescue room with 40+ cats. My third time in there. I saw her when I walked in the room as I hadn’t seen her before. She’d been there for FIVE of her eleven months of life. I was petting her (she was on a perch at my shoulder height) when my cell phone rang. My friend Dea was calling, and was notorious for being difficult to get hold of back then. I answered. I told her where I was, described this scrawny orange furball, and then got distracted and stopped petting her. I was describing the other cats I was considering. My back was to this kitten when I felt a paw on my shoulder. I turned my head to find her paw firmly planted on my shoulder and her head cocked to one side like the Victor-Victrola dog (I’m so dating myself there). I told Dea, “I think I’ve just been adopted,” and proceeded to tell her what I was seeing.

I took her home that day. After her freaked out phase, she grew very accustomed to being around me…. and only me.

I adopted Portia in 2010 after Jack passed away (I adopted Jack six weeks after JoJo). She’s more social than JoJo, but also wants attention. When I have one lap cat, it’s hard to cram another one on there when the first one claims alpha status. So, another human is needed. One who can give Portia attention.

The problem? I don’t do well with roommates. That’s a very long story. one not to be told too publicly. I wouldn’t mind sharing my life with someone else… but patience has never been a strong virtue of any guy I’ve dated. Hence why I’ve pretty much given up on it. There are other reasons… but still. Patience is a biggie for me.

But at this point, I’ll stick to being single with two cats who duel over my attention.

JoJo is the orange/red girl. Portia is the overly floofy dilute tortie.
JoJo is the orange/red girl. Portia is the overly floofy dilute tortie. Ignore the mess.


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