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Waking Up…

I’ve been “asleep on the job” for too long. Not my actual job, but really a metaphor for my life. I’ve had my share of crappy jobs, mediocre relationships, more crappy jobs, and never quite knowing where I belong.

I’m still not entirely sure where I belong. I just know this: it isn’t in a dead-end, minimum wage part time job I can’t do half the time thanks to physical limitations and social anxiety. I can do better. I have done better.

I’m walking away from it, at least in part. I will do better. I have a business to launch, grad school to work on, and other work to do. I have a portfolio website to beef up and haven’t done much with. I know I can do more. When the job you’re in drains the life out of you and doesn’t give enough back to sustain what you have left, it’s time to walk away. I just finally found the courage.

I’m done letting life run me over. I’m not that person anymore. I have creative things to do. I have to wake up and make some shit happen.



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