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Keep Penguin from Eviction

I’ve been told that the Steampunk community will rally around me and help me get to my rent goal… the problem for me is that I’ve had an eviction recently vacated, but I still can NOT be late, which would be Monday. I can’t drop a check in the box and get money in the bank to clear it either… I have to use a money order at this point (banks are closed).

problem #1: I have never felt comfortable asking for help. Even though right now I am.

problem #2: I don’t think as many people in the local Steampunk community who can help know me very well… or even really at all. Some at GearCon know me, but I’m usually in “normal” clothes or wearing the wild Jay Lake memorial jacket (Hawaiian print and tie-dye). If you see me wandering around, flag me down.

but if people could… I have paypal. Or you may see me around GearCon. I’m not in costume, but if you asked most staffers about Penguin, they would likely know who you’re talking about. I’m running staff suite. (Flori, Stephen, Julie and others know who I am)

Every little bit helps. $20 here, whatever there…

Part of the problem this month is coming off of a leave of absence and getting my hours cut back. Then they’re changing things around to where I can’t do some of that work. I’ve struggled to find other work. I have some temp leads and other possibilities, but they won’t help for rent this month. Any little amount can help. If you wish to be paid back, especially for slightly larger amounts if one chose to do that, make sure I have your email and the amount….



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