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Trying for the (likely) impossible…

(Apparently, you guys are reading my posts…. weird. Cool, but weird.)

Once my sinuses start behaving again (yeah, right, like they ever do that), I’m going to head out to hang out with my friend later this evening, but before that, I’ll stop at PCS and see if I can get a lone AfA* ticket for Three Days of Rain… for the final show tomorrow. I really should be spending my time on school stuff, but the journal isn’t due until late Monday, so I’m not worried about that (I should be, though). We’ll see if I can get a ticket. They designate certain seating for AfA tickets.

Will I try to do the stage door thing? I don’t know, honestly. I need to do school stuff as well, but I wouldn’t mind trying. Honestly, I’m not even sure the door I stood near last Tuesday  WAS the stage door. Again, I think the vibe here in PDX is different, and since most folks see the Grimm cast around here regularly, it’s really no big deal. I’ve “spotted” a few, but not everyone yet. We shall see…. I need a ticket first.

In other randomness, one of those random things living in my neighborhood includes listening to some blues performer singing outside somewhere nearby. I don’t think this is someone’s stereo, as I can hear the amplification of him using his mic. Live music outside sounds different… I hear him a LOT, so I have no clue what the deal is. I -could- go investigate… but I never do. He’s doing Stand By Me right now.

I need to find another place other than my apartment (but isn’t terribly public and is still free) to go read my school stuff. My cats have been attached at the hip whenever I sit down to read. I love them, but I need SOME space.

I had two job interviews late last week. They both went well. I want either or both. If the techy one pays well enough, I’m totally cool with that alone. The other one will pay well enough for me to get by after it starts… if I get it. I still need help on the GFM for July, though. Help?

*AfA – Arts for All. Us broke people can go to shows thanks to this program. I can make up the $5… IF I can get another ticket.



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