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I’m going to make this a little different from what’s on my GFM. I have a couple of job interviews this week, but even then, it won’t help in time. I can’t afford to move, I have no backup resources. I hate begging. I hate asking for help. I hate being vulnerable. My job is cutting my hours back to nearly nothing, and I’ve been trying to get out, but have had little luck until now. I’m hoping one of these pans out. I hate being dependent on others. I’m hoping one of these happens, or even another one I applied for (as it’s in the area I’m studying for with my Master’s).

Help me survive July

I know not everyone can help. If people can’t donate, spread the word. Me and my cats would appreciate staying in our apartment. I know they wouldn’t handle being separated from me. One is very closely bonded with me. She’s 13 now.

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