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Dare Me?

Tonight, I’m going to see Three Days of Rain at Portland Center Stage (the Arts for All program is awesome. If you haven’t heard of it, look into it). Now years ago, I was the kind of person who would go wait at the stage door and try to meet the main actors. Now? While it’s become kind of commonplace, I’m not one to do it. I prefer meeting actors at set places like conventions, etc. Even when I see some of the Grimm actors on the street (or rang up one at my store a few months back), I don’t treat them differently. They’re human beings out doing normal things. Actually, I saw Silas one day in just that kind of situation. So it’s no big deal.

But I will admit, I do want to go to the stage door. I feel silly… like I should be “acting my age” or something (I almost never act my age in most other situations, so really, why should I start now?).

So I’m putting this out there (before I go blogging more serious things elsewhere), including the Twitterverse (hence the hashtags for crossposting) to see if anyone will dare me to do it. Sometimes…. just sometimes, I need to step outside my comfort zone (and wear something other than my work uniform or PJ’s) and be bolder. Some say I’m fairly bold already. I speak my mind, I’m willing to be up front and honest about who and what I am, and I’ve done a bit of semi-risky moving around. This is small potatoes compared to moving across country with no job waiting. (three times, I’ve done that, THREE!)  Hell, I feel silly even writing this…. but I figure if I don’t put myself out there and do silly things once in a while, I will stay in my shell and never get very far.

Dare me? Sometimes I need a little nudge (read: SHOVE) out of my shell.




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