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#YesAllWomen: Creeps and Crypts and the War on Women

This. Because even with an ‘no harassment’ policy, there will still be creeper douchebags who think it’s perfectly okay to treat us like we’re something to be fondled/stared at/harasses/stalked/treated like crap. I’ve been treated that way at cons… not as much in recent years, but when cosplaying, I got it constantly. If I do more cosplay where any skin might be showing in the future, it won’t matter my age. I look young enough for the creepers to creep on me.

No matter how skin tight my costumes are, or how much skin is showing, I’m not a whore or slut (as I was called on Twitter last weekend when I mentioned cosplay with the #yesallwomen tag). I have a right to dress as I wish, costume or not, and feel safe. I don’t go so skimpy as to show things that could get me arrested for indecent exposure, never have. We need to teach these guys to respect women -ALL women- no matter how we’re dressed.

Coming to the Edge

I went to Crypticon 2014 to be creeped out, not to be creeped on.

Ugh, I sort of hate starting this post off like that, because in many ways I really enjoyed my first time at Crypticon. Elisa and I went primarily to meet the Soska Sisters, the directors of American Mary, a horror movie I highly recommend for people interested in female-centric horror and with a strong stomach. (There’s a graphic sequence of rape and several of graphic gore, surgery, and torture. Fun!) I was hoping to meet Doug Jones too, but timing didn’t work out. But we got to meet the twins, with Elisa dressed as American Mary herself, and they were incredible:

Jen Soska hugging Elisa while Sylvia looks on in GLEE Believe it or not, these adorable ladies create horrifying yet compelling blood-soaked movies!

Jen Soska, Elisa as Mary Mason, Sylvia Soska. LOOK HOW FREAKING CUTE THEY ARE THOUGH.

They were sweet, kind, and generous with their time, not to mention eloquent in…

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