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When a Penguin gets vocal

My nickname is Penguin. But you may call me The Great Penguini. I’m a penguin of all creative “trades.” Writer, crafty stuff, and all kinds of other things. I also am a feminist. You can try to insult me by calling me things like “Bitch” but I take that as a compliment (other words, notsomuch). If you call me a Bitch, it’s a compliment to me, as it means that I’m not a doormat to misogynistic jackasses who treat me as less than human. I’m not a whore or a slut, I’m not a “feminazi” either. I’m not stupid, just opinionated, fed up with how society treats women like me, and a bit of a loudmouth.

I’m really a human being who has been here long enough on this planet to see too much BS, and experience it firsthand. I’ve had my share of catcalls and men staring at my chest (they aren’t my fault, and my eyes are UP HERE!). I’m also a survivor of domestic abuse and acquaintance rape.

Politically left leaning, bleeding heart liberal pain-in-your-backside. I’ll do more ‘splaining on an about page. I have a Tumblr with the name ‘greatpenguini’ as well as twitter with that name. here on WP, that same name without ‘the’ was taken (not sure by whom).

This is the non-tumblr place for me to post my views, keep the name consistency, my personal info as private as possible, and still be a vocal penguin. Much of this will cross post to the two T’s.  I’m not connecting FB at this point, as that’s my place to post personal stuff.

Here, you’ll find why I believe what I believe. Things I’m passionate about (mostly political), and less fluff and things that would identify me. Those who know me know who I am, and know most of my opinions.

No spammers allowed. No trolls either. You’ll get booted out the door. I’m polite and reasonably respectful, but if you can’t respect me for who and what I am -a human being- then you can expect me to bite back.



Creative Geek Of All Trades. Do you really need me to explain that one?